The Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas

My second stop in Dallas was the 6th Floor Museum. A must see if you visit Dallas.


411 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75202

I am sure everybody remembers or has heard or seen something about when John F. Kennedy was shot.

This museum gives the detailed account of his life, death and legacy.

The tour is set up as an audio tour. Remember to visit early. It gets really crowded.

Opening hours

Mon, 12pm-6pm
Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

The picture below is of the building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired 3 shots from the 6th floor window. The area where he sat is today glassed in an kept exactly as it was on the day JFK was shot.


Unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photographs on the 6th floor. Take your time through the tour. It is very interesting to follow the story of his life.

Once you’ve finished the tour on the 6th floor you continue up to the 7th floor.

Below is a photo of the street view from the 7th floor. I cannot imagine sitting one floor below all these years ago pulling the trigger on the gun that killed JFK.


You can walk around the outside area called the grassy knoll. Outside guides will show you where one of the bullets hit. The chip is still in the sidewalk.


On the 7th floor they are showing the movie The lost JFK tapes: The assassination.

It also included some cool artwork made by Alex Guofeng Cao.

He has made the below photos of JFK and Jackie using photo mosaics. JFK’s picture is made up of lots of miniature pictures of Jackie and hers is made with lots of miniature pictures of JFK.





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