A welcomed cool down at Barton Springs, Austin

Where ever I have been in the US this summer holiday it has been hot hot hot. I got to test out the beaches in Miami and Galveston to cool down, but I tell you it doesn’t work.

It is nothing like swimming in the North Sea. You practically just walk into something wet. No temperature difference really.

So when I got to Austin I was determined to try something different. I took a trip to Barton Springs Pool. It is a natural spring in the middle of Austin which apparently holds a temperature of around 70 Fahrenheit year round.

It was a welcomed, refreshing and cool dip on an otherwise scorching day. Result!

I will give you a tip though. Just below the sectioned off and guarded pool is the continuation of the natural spring. Just as cold, but missing concrete edges, changing rooms, toilets and lifeguards and totally free!!

The price for entry into the pool depended on if you were a resident or not.

Resident      Non Resident

Child (1-11)           $1                      $3

Junior (12-17)       $2                     $4

Adults (18-61)       $3                    $8

Seniors (62 +)       $1                     $4

It is open from 5 am to 10 pm. Closed every Thursday for maintenance. There are no admission fees from 5 to 8 am and 9 to 10 pm. You swim at your own risk during the no admission times.



2 thoughts on “A welcomed cool down at Barton Springs, Austin

    1. It is worth a visit. There is also a place called Hamilton pool outside Austin. That looked really pretty too. It is a natural pool in a collapsed cave. I didn’t have time to see both. Maybe next time…


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