The Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas

My second stop in Dallas was the 6th Floor Museum. A must see if you visit Dallas. Location: 411 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75202 I am sure everybody remembers or has heard or seen something about when John F. Kennedy was shot. This museum gives the detailed account of his life, death and legacy. The… Continue reading The Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas


Reunion Tower -Dallas

Location: 300 Reunion Blvd. East Dallas, TX 75207 The tower offers 360 degrees views of the city. The observation deck is 470 feet up in the air, so if you're afraid of heights it may not be the best place to visit. You can observe it from both inside and outside. Outside offers the use… Continue reading Reunion Tower -Dallas

New Orleans

The great thing about the US is that each place you go to is so totally different from the last place you visited.  New Orleans is definitely multicultural and has a rich culinary tradition just like Miami, but so totally different.  The birthplace of Jazz. The homestead of the Creole. A cuisine of spicy meat… Continue reading New Orleans

Miami Tour

Even though a tour will be a bit like being ferried around from place to place to generate more income to chosen shops and restaurants it is still one of the best ways to see as much as possible in a short amount of time.  The tour I chose was not so short though...7 hours… Continue reading Miami Tour