Fredericksburg – Texas


Fredericksburg was one of the smaller cities in Texas I visited. A beautiful, old German town that takes you back in time with its old western style main Street with smaller houses dotted around the edges.

For a small town it has a wide variety of shops. I spent a day wandering main street visiting almost every shop and art gallery. There is a large number of wineries in the hill country and along the road there are many possibilities to stop by a wine shop to sample some of the local wine.

Also, in my mind I totally redecorated my house with all the fantastic wood furniture and interior design ideas. Shame it can only be a fantasy, since shipping and custom charges to Norway would be more expensive than the furniture itself.

As always when you enter any shop in the US they are quick to offer their assistance.

One thing which would be nice to introduce here in Norway is the offer of starting up a fitting room for you while you shop for clothes. Any clothes you wish to try is brought to the fitting room by the staff and waiting for you when you’re finished looking through what the shop has to offer. While you’re in there they keep stopping by to see if you need any other sizes or may bring options to what you’re looking for. Makes the shopping experience so much easier.

Fredericksburg only has about 11,000 people living in it. The main street is rather busy and the houses are close together, but the outskirts are spread out with houses on larger properties. It is in the hill country of Texas, so the temperature was a little less brutal.

It was founded in 1846 and named after prince Frederick of Prussia. It is known as the peach capitol of Texas. It also has herb farms, grape culture, lavender and wildflower seeds that boost the economy of Fredericksburg.  It has a wide choice of B&B’s for visitors to the city. I can see why it’s such a popular place to visit.

It is also a popular place to retire, but as for prices goes, it is definitely not the cheapest place to settle in. Disregarding the cost though I wouldn’t mind retiring in Fredericksburg.

Below are a few pictures of the charming stand alone houses along main street.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with a town like this?







One thought on “Fredericksburg – Texas

  1. Hi Anna,this was so fun to read,and also learn about this special town in Texas.Thanks for all the nice pictures,really reminds me of mountain village in Germany.
    Thanks for sharing 🌹

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